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      Exclusive Services

We are ready to cooperate with Global Video Content Agencies and Companies that specializes in performance creative for brands across the globe.We are ready to cooperate with companies that deliver digital insight, meticulously studying the video landscape and passing that value on to their clients.

We are ready to cooperate with those  trusted concept-to-consumer agencies / companies with a mission to support businesses.

We are here to serve...

 Video Content

Are you a Video Content Agency/Company?

We can make professional videos content for you :

Explainer Videos,

Instructional Videos ,

Demo Videos.

But,what about Testimonial reels  , ‘How To’-Videos , Unboxing Videos , Commercials , Company Culture Videos? 

Tha answer is YES. 

You're on right place and adress.

If your  goal is to help spread your clients story as far and wide as possible by being involved in the entire process and our goal is to be part of it, than contact us via phone,email or insta.




Scripting and Content,Scripts delivered , Product / UGC content , Preproduction , Production / Shooting , Editing , Rough Cuts Delivered , Video and Audio Post Production.

1. Concepting: 

Let’s get to know each other. We’ll DISCOVER each other’s personalities, KICK-OFF a dialogue about where we want this to go, and CONCEPTUALIZE a great working relationship. 



We’ll WRITE a script, FILM it, and EDIT it, creating an ad that both of us are proud of.

We have,how they called it…Hollywood Production Technology such as ARRI,RED cameras, Arri Skypanels ,Film Production accesories, Lenses, Tripods, Sliders, Drones, Gimballs ….and also we have our CEO ’95 Macintosh. 


We have a baby together.

Your ASSETS are sent to you after weeks of working together…we did it. Look, Mom, we made it.

Now that you deliver your orders?Now you do your research as you know how to target your client target by:

Review current & past executions

Market Positioning

Market Research



Competitive Analysis

Strategy Briefing

Your Internal Ads Database etc etc…

...because you found a parter that is at your service 24/7.



Youtube, Facebook ( Stories, Audience Network and In-stream ads) , Tik Tok ( Short Form UGC Style Ads ) , Snap , Pinterest ( Video and Images ads ), Istagram ( Stories, Audiences, Reels )ad types produced by your Agency/Company that includes selfie-style, talking head, demos and tutorials, sketches or narratives etc. having material- need editing it?

Feel free to contact us.Our 56 video editors are a resilient bunch with the power to make your video shine. Communicate clearly , let them do their magic and deliver your order right on time.



Under unique , creative ,professional way of working only:

  • Sound Design 

  • Sound Mixer

  • Audio PostProduction

  • Composing


Our Audio Dep.Leader within 28 yrs professional creative exeprience said so...

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