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At our office in Prishtina,Capitol of Kosova,we are renting out a professional film studio,cameras and accessories. Book the studio for interviews, presentations, product shots or for whatever that fits your production. We also have team members that are specialized and professional, so we can always help you where needed. We offer multiple packages, including professional equipement rent out and professional guidances. Do you want to know what that means for your production , marketing or digital agency? Please feel free to contact us for a quote. Or come by for a tour and to discuss your ideas. We are happy to help!



Because films make us feel something and we want to share that feeling.It’s one of the best feelings we know. It tingles our skin, warms our hearts with love and connects us all.It’s a feeling we need to create …and then share.
We create that feeling through storytelling and we share it through film.And whenever we succeed,we spawn a special moment in your day a moment of meaning and connectedness.And in that moment, we find our truth:True storytelling, true cinema.That’s why we make films.


We offer  different types of packages, which vary in degree of concept, budget and scale. Every project is different, so based on your input, we will decide together which package is most suitable for your film. Wondering what will be the best option for you?

Then give us a call and we’ll happily talk you through it! We also produce and co-produce projects! Have budget,have an idea...write us.

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