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Our Visualisation team offers directors and producers the opportunity to turn their cinematic vision into reality long before principal photography begins.Whether its film, television, streaming, or commercial, our state-of-the-art facilities combined with our colorists touting decades of experience allows us to fit an efficient workflow for your production’s color grading needs. We are Dolby Vision capable, and enjoy grooving to vinyl every session (you just need to flip the record for the colorist).


Our talented Sound team will help you create the perfect sound to match your amazing picture.
The experience of working on feature films,shorts and hundreds of episodes of the TV series,SitComs,Commercials etc, allows us to accommodate wide variety of projects from sound design, foley, dialog editing, ADR, sound premix for films, sound premix and mix for TV, overdubbing, digital media, commercials...

We have 2 Mixing / Premixing and 2 audio editing rooms interconnected with a vocal booth and foley recording room. And also connected to our Hollywood sound review room for remote sessions.

Composing,AudioPost...with love and pleasure.

The Sound Effects/Design team is often the largest sub department and has the most extensive workload on some projects. They will use a part of the larger mastertemplate, dragging, dropping, syncing, fading and checking audio files against the picture. They build layers of sound effects taken from personal or commercial libraries to create an immersive soundscape in line with the Directors notes.


Sound Designer

A Sound Designer is a multi skilled sound professional who gets creatively and technically involved with making sounds to tell a story. On smaller budget projects, the Sound Designer may also be the Dialogue Editor, Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer, Sound Supervisor and sometimes the Foley Artist.


Sound Effects Editor

A Sound Effects Editor takes recordings from sound libraries and places them in sync with the picture to help create a seamless flow of continuity and narrative.


Re-Recording Mixer/Dubbing Mixer

A Re-recording Mixer takes the audio tracks that the team have created, deciding which elements will remain (in line with the Director's notes) as well as their overall tonal balance, distance perception and technical needs for the final deliverables of the Sound Mix.


Foley Artist

Foley Artists perform sounds that would be impractical to create with sound effects and sound design. Examples include footsteps, cloth movement and gun handling. They also add a layer of continuity to your actors performance.


Foley Mixer

Foley Mixers record the sounds that the Foley Artist creates, giving them feedbackon the performance whilst listening for technical issues.


Foley Editor

Foley Editors edit the Foley Artist's work, to make it sync with the picture and to assure that it is suitable for mixing by the Re-recording Mixer.


Sound Supervisor/Supervising Sound Editor

A head of department, who often helps with building the Sound Team and overseeing collaboration with the Director and Producers to achieve the best Final Mix possible.


Sound Effects Recordist

A Field Recordist who records custom sound effects for your project, often with highend equipment.


ADR Mixer

ADR Mixers record ADR (automated dialogue replacement) to replace unusable audio from location. They liase with the Director and Talent to get the best performance and believability out of the recordings. Check out this great video from Filmmaker IQ for an overview on the role of soundin post production.

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