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                                “ We have a pretty extensive library, but nothing was able to do the job until we used ActionVFX elements. ”

               “ ActionVFX elements are the best in the industry, combining significant dynamic range, high resolution and frame rates. ”


Motion Graphics

Design and create stunning graphical sequences, UI GFX, title sequences and much more with our specialist team of Motion Graphic designers

Discover our job with French,US and German where ONBROS filmmaker-focused services, from visual effects to feature animation to a full range of creative services for feature film and episodic projects.

ONBROS Animation works in tandem with IP creators and filmmakers to create high-end animated feature films and episodic content.

Virtual Production

Real-time computer graphic technologies are now a viable option on live film sets, and Virtual Production is becoming an increasingly important part of the VFX pipeline.Artificial backdrops have been used in movie-making since its very beginnings to create the illusion of large sets or locations. In recent years, ONBROS FILM has used digital front projection and large LED video walls displaying pre-rendered content to take this technique into the 21st Century.

Today’s Virtual Production processes leverage advances in computing power, VFX expertise and game-engine technology to:

  • create environments that now interact with the live-action, allowing filmmakers to make real-time decisions and changes

  • create backgrounds which move in full perspective with respect to the camera’s position, updating in real-time as the camera moves

  • allow the production to move from one convincingly detailed and photo-real environment to another without leaving the stage

  • allow final shots to be captured in camera, without the need to replace the backgrounds in post-production 

  • In effect, locations from all over the world can be brought to the stage with compelling photo-realism.

  • Our approach is to utilise cutting-edge technology in pursuit of our clients’ storytelling goals, and our tools are designed to feel familiar to the directors and DOPs that we collaborate with.


Our Virtual Production offer covers the full range of services, including:

Virtual location scouting – capture, create and explore virtual locations for use in the Virtual Production process

Virtual camera – blocking and framing decisions can be explored in virtual locations using VR headsets and virtual cameras

Real-time mixed reality VFX – allowing in-camera set extensions and live compositing of animated and motion capture controlled characters into virtual locations

LED volumetric stages – fully immerse actors in virtual sets with real-time in-camera VFX and environments created with state-of-the-art LED volumetric stages

Art Department at ONBROS FILM

Our Art Department team’s starting point is to develop a deep understanding of the filmmaker’s creative vision. From there, we develop the characters, creatures, environments, props and vehicles that combine to create the world that the story inhabits.


Our design and development work helps filmmakers explore the look of their characters in pre-production – from developing the look of the characters themselves to visualising ideas for costumes, hair, make-up and effects.


From ogres, aliens and nightmarish bears to woodland creatures and cuddly rabbits, our Art Department team will bring your ideas to life, creating creatures that live on in the memory of your audiences for years to come.



With up to 20% refundable production rebate on gross spend in KOSOVO, combined with the already competitive pricing will enable a great package of high quality at a very competitive cost. We can effectively help you take advantage of all the rebate you can get and do all of the document filing and give you full assistance on the financial side of your VFX production.

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