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ON BROS Services

ON for your Film

Pre/Production , Production  and Post Production. Location , Casting Actors,  Editing , Color Upgrade, Audio Post ,  Music Composing , Co-production. 


ON Bros Rental is here to satisfy all your video production rental needs for Cinema camera, DSLR camera, camera support, accessories, lenses, lens support, lighting, grip and stabilization system.

If you are looking to rent camera package, lighting package, On Bros has the right equipment in stock and ready for pick up,just for the serious projects.

We work hard to make sure that renting equipment for your shoot is swift, trouble-free and reliable. We attempt to make renting camera equipment from us the best rental experience possible.

We aim to build close relationships with every one of our clients, to get to know them and to understand their work

ON your Commercial

Unique Idea ,Screenplay  , Casting , Int. & Ext. organized shooting Days. Editing.Color Upgrade. Audio Postproduction. Music Composing,  Media Buying. Social Media Ads.

ON Your Video Content idea

We are ready to cooperate with Global Video Content Agencies and Companies that specializes in performance creative for brands across the globe for Social Media and their need.We are ready to cooperate with companies that deliver digital insight, meticulously studying the video landscape and passing that value on to their clients.

We are ready to cooperate with those  trusted concept-to-consumer agencies / companies with a mission to support businesses. We have studio set's ,we shoot in 6K , we're ready to be on your service. 

ON BROS is the  only Exclusive Representative  of : 


DedoLights  , Cooke Lenses ,  Phantom High Speed Cameras, Tilta , Aladdin , Anton Bauer , Arvey ,Chimera , Dyna Core , DZOFilm, InnoVision Optics , Irix Lens , Kenyon Laboratories ,Ledgo , Luminys , Nanlite , Nanlux , NiteCore ,Prolycht, Rosco , Ranford -Baker , Tecpro, Schneider Kreuznach , Teris , Tiffen  for KOSOVO , ALBANIA and NORTH MACEDONIA. 


We are at your service for all the products that you order. Call us or write us . Order your needs,we sent you the price with all detials and the goods would be at your door ASAP.

ON your service

ON BROS is an innovative film production company in the center of Prishtina,Kosovo. We create engaging content for all digital surfaces for companies all over the world. Do you need help realizing your project? We help you from idea to finished product - contact us today to learn more!

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